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How JSEA VISION Captivated Us With Their Virtual Tours

Updated: May 5, 2022

Children Dental FunZone commissioned JSEA VISION to create a Matterport 3D virtual tour and Google Street View virtual tour for 14 of their locations throughout Southern California. Learn about Children Dental FunZone's experience with JSEA VISION, their virtual tours, and how it helped their franchise's brand grow and thrive online.


As members of the community we are constantly looking for ways to expand our reach. We’re Children’s Dental FunZone, a kid-centric, pediatric dental office with locations throughout Southern California. For prospective parents and nervous child patients, we were in the market for a service that would allow people to safely and securely view our many offices. We are not a standard dental office; Childrens’ dental visits can actually be fun! We have iPads in the waiting room, awesome prizes, and movies to watch throughout the treatment. We needed virtual tours to showcase all that we offer

Before JSEA VISION, we were uploading images to our Google My Business pages ourselves and attempting to do our own 360 image tours for our dental offices. We were finding the results to be less than stellar. We needed help and found what we needed and more with JSEA VISION.

JSEA VISION’s technology and expertise have both made things easier for us and granted us a more quality product that reflects well on the professionalism of our website and locations. Working with JSEA VISION has really expanded the interactivity of our online presence!

At Children’s Dental FunZone we believe in accessibility and interaction, as we know all too well how important it is to keep the attention of your clients regardless of age or walks of life. The engaging virtual tour experiences created by JSEA VISION have enticed even more customers to come our way.

JSEA VISION Are A Treat To Work With

JSEA VISION provides an important service that revolutionizes how all businesses can look at business space. With their professional virtual tours, it was easier than ever to show off our location’s spaces. Our customers at Children’s Dental FunZone loved the end product, too.

We were very pleased with how hospitable Sandy, their Director of Client Services was. She broke down the technology and gave us a preview of their offerings and services that wowed us. After shooting some 360 degree images, we were interested in elevating the experience to see what a virtual walkthrough would look like. We were blown away by the results! JSEA VISION helped us implement tours for all 14 of our locations (and more to come), regardless of the size or complexity of the space.

They’re Customer Focused And The Product Is Amazing

It was terrific to work with them. They were very responsive during the entire process, and we were blown away by what the end product added to our web presence. The value and effort really speaks for itself. Even our customers have taken the time to tell us how much they love the virtual tours. They were as captivated as we are.

The staff we worked with were extremely supportive, and we are so happy with how the collaboration turned out. It was such an engaging experience, and it really strengthened our online presence and marketing efforts. The JSEA VISION virtual tour helped more people find us in our area and bring in new customers. Customers were so happy to engage with an interactive process before they even stepped into one of our offices.

A 3D virtual tour feels like the next big important step for any industry. It makes things more accessible, especially for any disabled, anxious or neurodivergent patients who would like to see what one of our offices looks like before they arrive. It’s been a wonder for all our locations, and adds a layer of authority and interaction to our website. We highly recommend JSEA VISION for anyone that wants to elevate their business or space.

Looking At The Future

JSEA VISION impressed us with their photography expertise, their vision, and their drive. We were especially taken with the exceptional Matterport platform. Matterport lets you take any space online; Homes, businesses, single-room layouts and complex floor plans all can be digitized and explored in a virtual space. It was obvious to us that JSEA VISION is dedicated to bringing new, impactful technology to the world and making the virtual tour experience accessible for everyone.

We loved how they made sure we understood their technology and processes, and they showed us how they maximize the potential of their technology with reality-altering artificial intelligence. They’re pioneers in the industry who obviously cared about us and our time; their customer service was exceptional, and Sandy made sure that we knew our time was respected. As a family business run by women, JSEA VISION is at the cutting edge of both progress and representation.

Just like everyone at Children’s Dental FunZone, they believe in their community, and give back whenever possible. Community outreach is incredibly important to us, and we were excited that JSEA VISION took the time to explain to us how they uplift local small businesses and work with young people in the local area. Any business that’s making the effort to elevate others during the continued struggle of the pandemic is one that we are elated to partner and work with.


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