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Case Study: Google Virtual Tour increased this optometrist office ranking to #1 on Google

Our latest client, La Verne Optometry was able to organically increase their search ranking on Google to #1 in record time by utilizing JSEA VISION's Google virtual tours.


Nestled in the beautiful downtown district near the University of La Verne, La Verne Optometry is not a new business. Their grassroots expand over 20+ years in the community with 200 - 5 star reviews on Google. Being one of the only two optometrist in the area, La Verne Optometry should be ranking high in search engines. However, Google's algorithms did not recognize this business as an authority in its industry. Instead, it ranked them below other optometrist outside of La Verne. Dr. Alva had to utilize Google Ads to list higher than his competition to gain more exposure for his practice.

Screen shot of Google maps listing of La Verne Optometry ranking on Google showing a paid Google Ad listing and ranking 3rd after the ad.

We were commissioned by Dr. Alva to create the Google Street View virtual tour of his private practice. At the time renovations were underway to update the interior of the patient rooms. The decision was made to hold off on creating the virtual tour until renovations were complete. The perfect time to showcase a business with a Google virtual tour is after renovations are completed but before the wear and tear sets in. Renovations to update the patient rooms to a more modern and inviting office were completed and a scanning date scheduled.


To minimize interruptions to patient care and staff workflow, we scheduled our scan session when the business was closed to the public. We utilized our Matterport Pro2 camera - The Gold Standard in 3D virtual tour technology - to scan, capture and create the 3D virtual tour of La Verne Optometry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provided La Verne Optometry with their 3D virtual tour embed codes and links to add to websites as well as social media accounts. We embedded important focus points to highlight La Verne Optometry to promote its brand and enhance its online presence. We worked with Dr. Alva to create and fine tune the focus points placement. We added content such as doctors bios, patient education videos, patient forms and state of the art technology used in the office. We maximized the tour by embedding different types of contents such as photos/videos/pdf and direct links back to his website. Adding reputable backlinks greatly enhanced their website's SEO. Strong backlinks are favored by Google and show the business as a dominant authority in their field. Google factors in the quality of these backlinks when ranking businesses online.


Utilizing Google's integration system, we uploaded La Verne Optometry virtual tour to its Business Listing Profile on Google where it will be hosted on Google for as long as the business listing is active. Customers will be able to see La Verne Optometry's virtual tour on Google and Google Maps.


We were able to see results immediately. Within 9 days of uploading the Google Street View virtual tour of La Verne Optometry, Dr. Alva gained 2,830 cumulative views on Google. His search ranking increased to #1 on Google and Google Maps without purchasing any Google Ads. By ranking higher, La Verne Optometry is now harnessing the power of Google to reach more customers in its domain area. Instead of being ranked lower than optometrist outside of the area, La Verne Optometry is now rightfully the authority in its domain. Backed by a fully immersive tour and stellar reviews, patients can see a more comprehensive image of the practice.


Regardless if your business is brand new or passed down from previous generations with a huge following. Your ranking will vary based on Google's algorithms and how customers interact with your business's listing. Adding a 3D virtual tour to your website creates an immersive experience for your customers, increases user engagement and adds valid backlinks to your website. Adding a Google virtual tour to your business listing activates the "See Inside" feature on Google, enhancing your customer's engagement with your listing. This allows customers to see inside your business and explore it before coming in.

Using both 3D virtual tours and Google street view virtual tours creates a type of engagement that Google favors and in return rewards it's users by ranking them higher on their search engine.

To maximize the benefits of adding a Google Street View virtual tour and ensure a return on your investment, work with a Trusted Google Photographer who is knowledgable about the product and how to best represent your space online. When researching virtual tour providers, ask about the equipment and technology used, how much of your business will they scan and the guarantee they provide you.

JSEA VISION is proud to be a 5- star Trusted Google Street View Photographer. We've helped our clients gain over 2 million views and growing. We utilize a 3D capture system to create a comprehensive and realistic digital twin of your business. We will take as many photospheres (scans) necessary to capture the entirety of your business.

Contact us to learn more about our Google Street View virtual tours and how we can help enhance your business, organically increase your search engine ranking and bring more customers through your door.


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